Our Staff of Instructors are qualified to provide the following Training or Courses:

Search and Rescue:

NASAR Introduction to Search and Rescue                                                NASAR Fundamentals of Search and Rescue

NASAR Advances Search and Rescue                                                       Managing Search Operations (MSO)

SAR Field Team Member                                                                             SAR Field Team Leader

Vehicle Rescue Technician                                                                          Structural Collapse Technician

Trench Rescue                                                                                             Confined Space Rescue

HazMat Awareness                                                                                      HazMat Operations

HazMat Technician                                                                                       Structural Fire Fighting (non Industrial)

Medical Training:

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)                                                        Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Refresher

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) Refresher                                       Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic

Automated External Defibrillator                                                                   CPR Professional Responder

Wilderness EMT Upgrade                                                                            Wilderness First Responder up-grade

Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC)    

FEMA Courses:

EM Basic Academy (Foundations)                                                            International Disaster Operations

EOC Operations                                                                                        ICS 100 Basic Incident Command System (ICS)

ICS 200 Single Resource ICS                                                                   ICS 300 Intermediate ICS   

ICS 400 Advanced ICS                                                                             L-449 ICS Train the Trainer

IMT Incident Commander                                                                          IMT Operations Section Chief

IMT Planning Section Chief                                                                       IMT Logistics Section Chief

IMT Admin/Finance Section Chief                                                             IMT Group Supervisor

IMT Safety Officer                                                                                      IMT Communications Unit Leader  

G 108 Community Mass Care and Emergency Assistance                      G 110 Emergency Management Operations in Local Governments

G 130 Exercise Evaluation and Improvement Planning                            G 135 Exercise Control and Simulation

G 137 Exercise Program Manager                                                            G 138 Exercise Practitioner 

G 191 ICS/EOC Interface                                                                          G 194.4 Preparing for Post Disaster Responsibilities

G 202 Debris Management Planning                                                        G 203 Public Assistance Workshop

G 235 Emergency Planning                                                                      G 249 Managing People in a Disaster

G 250.6 Workshop in EM (Amateur Radio Resources)                             G 262 Planning, Building, Sustaining Public-Private Partnerships

G 265 Instructional Delivery Skills                                                             G 270.4 Recovery from Disaster

G 271 Hazardous Weather and Flooding Prep                                         G 272 Warning Coordination

G 276 Benefit Cost Analysis                                                                     G 288 Local volunteers and donations management  

G 289 Public Information Officer Awareness                                            G 290 Basic Public Information Officer  

G 291 Joint Information Systems and JIC Planning                                 G 293 Mission Assignment Overview

G 311 Hazardous Materials Contingency Planning                                  G 358 Evacuation and Re Entry Planning

G 363 Hurricane Readiness for Coastal communities                              G 364 Multi-Hazard emergency planning for schools    

G 365.3 Partnership for creating and maintaining spotter groups            G 366 Planning for the needs of children in disasters

G 386 Mass Fatalities                                                                               G 393 Mitigation for Emergency Managers

G 408 Terrorism Planning course                                                             G 489 Management of Spontaneous Volunteers

G 548 Continuity of Operations Program Manager                                  G 556 Damage Assessment for Public Works

G 557 Rapid Needs Assessment                                                             G 575 Communications Interoperability

G 775 EOC Management Operations


Training and Education